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Camera Instructions For Your Smart Phone And Device


Camera Directions:
-Download the iDMSS Lite App in your app Store
-Open application
-Select the home icon in the top left corner
-Select the button in the bottom options labelled “Device”
-Select the “+” in the top right corner, and then choose “I/P Domain”
-Select “Wireless Cameras”
-Select the choice “Device Configuration”

The next screen should say this in order from top to bottom:
Add mode: IP/Domain
Port: 37777
Name: Bliss Cameras
Username: guest
Password: bliss

Castle Hills

Camera Directions:

  • Scan QR code and download Toughdog app

Place QR code 1 here

  • Select your region
  • Click the + sign on top right corner
  • Choose SN/Scan
  • Scan 2nd QR code

Place QR code 2 here

  • Hit next
  • ChooseDVR/XVR
  • Enter device name: bliss
  • Enter username: guest
  • Enter password: bliss75056!
  • Select save in the right-hand corner



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