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Bliss Pet Resort Dog Training Intake Form

Completing this form will assist our trainers by providing valuable information to help us with training recommendations for your dog.

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Do you feel your dog demonstrates anxious and nervous traits and behaviors? Why do you feel this way?*
Has your dog ever displayed aggression to humans or animals?*
If Yes, did this bite require stitches?
Has your dog ever bit another human?*
Tell us some specific things with your dog that you are struggling with?*
Is there anything unique or odd about your dog or his/her behavior that we should know about?*
Does your dog have any food or seasonal allergies we should be aware of?*
Is your dog currently on ANY medication? If so, please tell us what it is and to treat what issue.*
If you have a dog that has long hair or hair that is easily matted (Doodles, Poodles, etc.),we recommend that you groom to a shorter haircut prior to training. Your dog will be with us playing, learning and having fun and sometime the long hair can mat.*
Is your dog an escape artist? Can he EASILY jump or scale fences?*
IF Boarding, select which BOARDING ADD-ONS you would like your dog to have while he/she is with us. These are optional upgrades to his/her training stay with us.*
How often would you like the above selected add-ons given to your dog while training with us?
Would like to add additional OFF-SITE Field Trips to your dog's training to test and proof his learning at other locations such as Home Depot, The Square, etc? These trips are $75 each.
If doing a Board n Train program, would you like to*
How much playtime with other dogs of similar size and temperament (daycare) would you like your dog to have while boarding with us?
Has your dog passed a Temperament Test to evaluate social play skills within the last six months?*
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Full payment will be due at booking for all Day School services.
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