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Swimming Pool

Truly a one of a kind service in the entire DFW metroplex. We hate to brag but you won’t find a better dog pool than this one! With a beach entry, play fountains and 4 feet deep end for fetching those balls, all dogs have a total blast. Great for physical exercise for active dogs and great on joints for older dogs.

Do you have a dog who loves to swim? Or maybe you think they might but have never tried it? We offer an experience unlike no other for water lovers! We introduce every dog to the water slowly, individually, and with a life vest for safety getting them comfortable with the bench entry using toys to make it extra fun.

Coming to daycare? Add on the swimming pool to your pups daycare day to receive 4 thirty minute swims per day for only $5 more. Or buy a 10, 20, or 30 day Standard Daycare package with swimming included. Our Enrichment and Puppy daycare also include swimming daily.

Boarding at Bliss? We have several packages that include swimming as well. Jump on over to our boarding page to discover our Gold package that includes 4 swims per day as well as all day daycare at a great value.

All dogs must pass a swim test to do daycare or swimming at Bliss. For group swims, dogs must pass a temperament evaluation.

Our swimming pool is generally open pending weather. Usually from about March to October, sometimes November, you never know with Texas weather.

You can soak up all the fun too by watching your pups swim on our outdoor daycare cams.


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