Meet our Dogs Of The Month Major and Mia !

Meet our Dogs Of The Month

Major is 6 years old and he is a yellow lab.The original “sell” job that my
husband and son used to talk me into a second dog was that he was
going to be their hunting dog. He started out showing interest in duck
hunting but something spooked him and that was the end of his hunting
career.We have decided he is a lover not a hunter. If Major has a tennis ball
or a pool (or both) he is happy! Major is pretty close to a perfect dog. So
sweet, great around children of all ages, mellow and loyal.

Mia just turned 1 and she is a chocolate lab. Although her energy is still
very high, she has her mellow times also. She has no idea that she weighs
70 pounds because she thinks she is a lap dog. She loves to go for walks,
play with really loud squeaky toys and go to day care to play with friends.
To say Mia is sweet is kind of an under statement. Her sweet face allows
her to get away with many things that she shouldn’t!!

We love our puppies and they love us. (And Bliss)

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