Hair Cuts

Spa Trim

Includes Bliss Bath services as well as face and feet trimmed, and coat outline lightly neatened up. Spa Trim prices start at $40 and go up depending on breed. Call for detailed pricing.

All Over Make Over

Includes Bliss Bath services as well as an all over shave and/or breed specific scissor cut.
Prices start at $50 and and go up depending on breed. Call for detailed pricing.

Just like personal grooming is important in human beings, dog grooming is also very necessary for dogs. Some of the advantages of dog grooming include:

  1. Improves the appearance of your dog and they look and smell great.
  2. Decreases the amount of shedding – removing the dead fur and letting the healthy fur shine through.
  3. Removes dead skin & keeps coats shiny while stimulating the production of natural skin oils.
  4. Stimulation from brushing and shampooing increases blood flow.
  5. Regular bathing eliminates or minimizes skin disease.
  6. Controls fleas and ticks.
  7. Toe nail trimming is essential to avoid paw pain and joint issues when walking on overgrown nails.
  8. Hair trimming removes excessive hair around the the face which causes eye irritation and infection if not trimmed.
  9. Cleaning ears reduces the risk of infections and mites.
  10. Teeth brushing helps keep teeth clean in between routine dental
    cleanings and helps prevent plaque and gingivitis.
  11. Helps keep ticks and fleas at bay.
  12. Decreases the dog smell in your house, in your car, on your clothes.
Dog Grooming Prosper
Dog Grooming Prosper

Grooming Ad-Ons

Additional services may be added to your Grooming to include:

Grooming Ad-On item Description Price
Deshed The process of removing hair from your pets undercoat by the use of special shampoo designed to release the undercoat combined with a high velocity dryer and specialty brushing tools. This layer of hair is not efficiently removed by brushing and combing the top layer of fur. $10+
Teeth Brushing The process of removing any foods particles in between your dog’s teeth and gums to prevent the build of tartar and plaque leading to bad breath, periodontal disease, and overall poor dental health $7
Nail Dremel A rotary tool used to gently and painlessly grind down long or smooth out sharp nails and rough edges left by traditional nail clippers. In Most cases the nails are shooter with use of the Dermal. $5
Whitening Shampoo Optically intensifies the shine and depth of all coat colors, especially white. Stains disappear while providing gentle cleansing that removes dirt & odors. Won’t strip natural oils and leaves the coat deodorized, shiny, and brighter. $3
De-Flea Shampoo Kills fleas, lice, and ticks on contact without the use of pyrethrum based pesticides. it will not wash out spot-on flea and tick control products. $10
Medicated Shampoo Soothe medicated shampoo contains chlorhexidine is an antiseptics disinfectant with a wide range of antimicrobial activity against fungi & most bacteria. lt is great to dogs & cats with yeast or bacteria & can also help as an adjunct form demodectic mange & other pyodermas. $10
Natural Shampoo 99% chemical free combining glistening Mica Minerals, vitamins and organic Ylang to add luster and moisture for a shiny, healthy looking coat. This wonderful formula brightens all coat colors as mica minerals infuse the hair with glistening shine. Sunflower oil, Rich in fatty acids such as Omega-6, combine with honey, a humectant to intensely moisturize the coat. $3
Deodorizing Shampoo Gentle, hypoallergenic coconut scented shampoo removes skunk and/ or any other unpleasant odor instead of just covering it up! This rich, creamy formula will not dry out skin or irritate sensitive skin and is safe for use on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens over six weeks old. $3
Blue Berry facial Mild, foaming SPATM Facial cleaner with oatmeal and blueberry to exfoliate, shoothe, hydrate, and whiten. Removes tear stains without stinging eyes while giving pets a pampering spa treatment. Formulated with the finest botanicals and plant extracts products. $7

Want tour dog to exert some energy and come home tired and smelling good?
He/she can play in daycare before the bath to have a day full of fun and finish in the spa. Price of daycare with a bath is discounted to $20/day.


We have used boarding, daycare, grooming and training services here. Have had no issues. Aaron is helping train our pup and we are seeing progress. I had a few surprise fee’s but it was taken care of and explained to me when the additional charges will occur (early drop off/late pick up). We can not wait for the pool to open!

Lu E.

Friendly, caring and wonderful staff. The know my puppies by name and a always happy to see them. Hours are super.

Mel P.

Bliss is such a great place to take our fur baby on a weekly basis! They have an amazing staff who genuinely care about your pet. Their facilities are clean and well kept. Our dog loves going- gets tons of playtime and just the right amount of downtime. Trusting Bliss pet resort has been so easy and natural. They have got it right! Thanks for all you guys do!

Jessica L.

I boarded my puppy for the first time ever over spring break here. Naturally I was nervous and had a million questions. The person who handled my phone call was so understanding and gracefully answered all my questions. Everyone was so kind and professional. I’m so happy I found this place! Will only board my fur baby here!

Julianna C.

My dog loves going to daycare here! Staff is very nice and the owner updates the facility on a regular basis. The grooming services are good too!

Therese M.

I have been taking my dog to Bliss for daycare and boarding for over a year. It took him a few visits to come out of his shell, but it’s now his second home. He gets so excited each time we pull up to their door. The staff at Bliss are a huge part of the awesome progress my dog has made. I have peace of mind when I travel for work knowing my boy is safe and having a great time!

David L.

Bliss has been nothing but great to us and our dog. The staff is always friendly, attentive, and accommodating. We have been going to Bliss for over 3 years now and will continue to do so for many more to come

Steven Schildt

My two dogs go to daycare up there pretty regularly. They do a wonderful job of taking care of them and making sure that when they come home at the end of the day they’re happy and fulfilled.

Mike Page
Our dogs love it here. The pool is also a great amenity. The best part is that when they come home they are tired!
Timothy Holden

I would give 5 stars except for the fact that their prices are a bit higher than others in the area and getting in with their groomer is very difficult. But my dogs love their pool and I like how they balance indoor with outdoor time. The facilities are always clean and well organized.

Phillip E. Morris

It’s very obvious that the staff here love animals. Our dog is not as nervous when we drop him off as he has been at other places. He’s also not hoarse when he comes home after we have boarded him, which means he wasn’t barking the whole time. He also loves his Blueberry Facials =) We feel good when we drop him off here and don’t have to worry about him!

Wayland Taylor

My pup loves going to doggie daycare! He gets super excited when he sees the building and the staff is great with him. Pool time is great during the hot summer and the cameras allow me to check in.

Maricela King

Michelle did a great job grooming Sophie, my Maltese!
She smells like vanilla and looks absolutely beautiful!
Michelle did exactly what I asked for which has been a real challenge with previous groomers. Sophie was happy when I picked her up. We will definitely be a repeat customer going forward!

Joanne Tucker

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